Have You Seen Elephant?

Have You Seen Elephant?
by David Barrow

An elephant playing hide and seek?  One would imagine that a large elephant would be at a disadvantage in such a game.   Despite his tendency to “hide” in conspicuous places where he is quite obvious to the reader, the little boy doing the “seeking” is at a loss at where his elephant friend is!  His pet dog, who follows him throughout his quest to locate the elephant, seems to spot the large creature in every hiding place however.    A cute, humorous twist at the end involves the little boy being challenged to a different game with an unlikely opponent.

Beautiful illustrations and cursive writing added to the charm of this lovely book.   It was cute and will likely bring some laughs as well as exasperated sighs from young readers as they watch the little boy fail to notice the “hidden” elephant on each page. As I looked through this book, with the elephant so obviously sticking out wherever he hid, I could already imagine the voices of my younger students calling out “he’s right there!”.

This is far from a Where’s Waldo type book where the readers are challenged to locate a missing character, as made quite clear from the cover illustration!  However, it could lead to some great conversations with readers about why the boy can’t find the elephant that is right in front of him!  I’m also already envisioning a “how to hide an elephant” activity with my students where they have to design a way to hide an elephant.


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