Bulldozer’s Big Day

Bulldozer’s Big Day
by Candace Fleming, illustrated by Eric Rohmann

Even bulldozers have feelings. Bulldozer is so excited about his big day and is eager to share his joy with his friends (other construction vehicles at the site). However, when his friends show little interest in him and simply continue on their daily job, Bulldozer shows his sadness by lowering his blade. With each disappointing encounter, his blade droops a little more. Will any of his friends remember it’s his big day?

I just couldn’t resist bringing this book home to read this week! How could I not be drawn to the cheerful, excited little bulldozer leaping through the air at a construction site? I’m not exactly too knowledgeable about construction vehicles – if it weren’t for the book title I likely wouldn’t have known it was a bulldozer on the cover – but something about the cute, happy bulldozer on the cover made me want to look inside this book. I’m glad I did!

There was so much about this book I loved! Again, I don’t know much about construction vehicles, but one doesn’t need to to enjoy this sweet story. I liked how Candace Fleming used Bulldozer’s blade to show his emotions (drooping when sad, rising high when happy). Eric Rohmann does a great job at making the different vehicles come alive, with their eye-like windshields and bold, bright colors.

I have yet to do a construction vehicle themed unit with my classes, but after reading this book I am tempted to do so! There’s so many possibilities for discussion questions as well as follow up learning activities about different construction vehicles.


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