by Kelly DiPucchio, illustrated by Christian Robinson

Gaston was not like the other poodles in his family. While the others showed proper poodle behavior, Gaston’s behavior (yapping, slurping, racing) was far from proper. Despite not fitting in, Gaston tried his best to be like the others. A visit to the park reveals a big mix-up when Mrs. Poodle and her family meet Mrs. Bulldog and her family. Suddenly, Gaston is faced with a big choice and must decide where he really belongs.

Such a sweet, humorous, heartwarming story! Gaston is a loveable character, trying hard to fit in with the rest of the family, while the readers can see what the other characters don’t realize at first – that Gaston is not a poodle! A great story that shows that one does not have to fit in to truly belong, Gaston will be a very engaging read aloud for some of my younger grades. In addition to discussion about why Gaston made the decision he did in the end, I could see tying in a little bit about different breeds of dogs.


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