by Chris Gall

A young inventor wants to make the world’s greatest robots! However, when he is done, he runs into a small problem: the robots are so tiny he needs a microscope to see them! Despite their small size, these robots are able to do tasks and go places that larger robots can’t. Each has its own unique ability, including the protective Guardobots, the garden-watching Lady Lance-o-Bot, and the medical expert Medibot. When the proud inventor brings his tiny creations to a robot show to share them with the world that they face their biggest challenge ever: a giant, falling-apart robot in need of their help! Not only do the magnificent nanobots repair the huge robot, they make him better than ever. Their new friend ends up winning the show, but the nanobots have the satisfaction of knowing they had helped a new friend. At the end of the book Chris Gall includes a page about nano-robotics and how, in the future, some of the tiny robots featured in the story could become a reality!

This is a book that I’ve been meaning to read since it arrived in my library at earlier this school year. I have a lot of students who love robots and, before I even read it, I imagined all the different robot creating activities that could follow. However, this wasn’t just a story about robots and what they could do, it also taught a valuable lesson about helping others. A great topic of discussion with my young readers will be why the nanorobots were so happy even though they hadn’t won.

The digitally created illustrations are full of many fun details that will keep readers engaged. I looked through the book several times and each time notices something I hadn’t before. I’m looking forward to sharing this with some of my classes and having them think of their own robots!


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