Blizzard: A Tale of Snow-Blind Survival

Blizzard: A Tale of Snow-Blind Survival
by Thomas Kingsley Troupe, illustrated by Kirbi Fagan

When the power goes out during an ice-fishing trip, Jeff and his friend Keith discover they are stuck in a blizzard!   Forced to leave the freezing shack to search for someplace warm, the two boys soon get lost in the windy storm.  How will they survive in the dangerous blizzard?

I came across this series, Survive!, when I was searching for books to order for my readers who like survival stories.  The I Survived series is a popular one with many of my students, so I hoped the Survive! series would be another choice for those readers looking for similar stories.   While this series does not have the historical theme that the I Survived books have, it does deal with characters struggling to survive during a dangerous event.  These books are also similar in length to the I Survived books, I easily read Blizzard in about 30 minutes.  At the end of the book, the author shares several survival tips for blizzards.   The book also includes writing prompts and discussion questions at the end.   There are currently three other books in this series: Volcano, Tornado, and Lost.  While on the shorter side, these books may be a nice choice for readers looking for realistic survival stories.



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