Guess Who, Haiku

Guess Who, Haiku
by Deanna Caswell, illustrated by Bob Shea

Can you guess who from the haiku?  Author Deanna Caswell has created a wonderful haiku book where each haiku is a riddle about an animal, with the answer being revealed with a turn of the page.  Bob Shea adds to the sweetness of this engaging book with his adorable animal illustrations in bright, pastel colors.

As we get closer to April, I begin to think of different ways to bring poetry into my lessons in honor of National Poetry Month, particularly with my younger ones who equate poetry with something that rhymes.   I’m always looking for books that can help teach them about the non-rhyming poems and, Guess Who, Haiku, will be a great choice to introduce them to haiku!   What I love about this book that it will make a very interactive read aloud to my growing readers as they listen to the different haiku riddles and guess what the animal is!


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