Lindbergh: The Tale of a Flying Mouse

Lindbergh: The Tale of a Flying Mouse
by Torben Kuhlmann

An inquisitive, book-loving mouse emerges one day to discover all the mice have disappeared, thanks to a strange contraption that the readers will all recognize as a mouse trap!   Suspecting the mice have gone to America, he decides to follow but runs into obstacles (including ship-guarding cats) along the way.   After seeing what he decides must be distant relatives with large ears and wings, he makes a plan to fly to America.  The determined mouse makes many attempts, modifying his design often.   Unfortunately, one of his attempts is witnessed and later published in a newspaper, making him vulnerable to many hungry enemies!   Will the mouse ever make it safely across the ocean to America?

What a beautiful book!  The story itself is wonderful – a determined mouse who overcomes many obstacles to reach a distant land – but the best parts of this book are the outstanding illustrations.   With mostly brown-tones that are a wonderful fit for the time period represented, the amazingly detailed pictures are incredible.   I could look at that many times and see something new that I missed earlier.   When I unpacked this book earlier this week, I also unpacked his companion book to LindberghArmstrong – which I will soon be enjoying!  Another great read by this author, with outstanding illustrations, is Moletown.   I’m sensing a Torben Kuhlmann unit in the future for one of my classes, maybe 2nd or 3rd grade where I can partner it with biographies about Charles Lindbergh and Neil Armstrong.


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