L is for Library

L is for Library
by Sonya Terry, illustrated by Nicole Wong

This rhyming alphabet book takes us around the library! An orange cat roams the library, showing the readers parts of the library that represent the different letters of our alphabet. The readers learn that A is for author, B if for biography, C is for Caldecott and so on until the story concludes with Z is for zzz as the tour guide cat concludes the journey through the library with a well deserved nap!

This cute book, with adorable illustrations of children in a busy library, will be a great read aloud for the beginning of the school year! I can see myself sharing this book with my 1st and 2nd graders, giving us a chance to review the different parts of the library as well as vocabulary we have learned. Before I read each page, I’d have them predict what the upcoming letter could stand for.

Another teaching possibility for this book would be to have older students create their own library alphabet book, perhaps one that represents different authors (A is for Applegate, B is for Berenstain) rather than library vocabulary. The wheels are turning in my head right now with the possibilities for this book!


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