by Janell Cannon

Verdi does not want to change! Happy with his stripes, the young python doesn’t want to turn green like all the other snakes when he grows up. As he goes to chat with older green snakes, he comes across ones that are rude and lazy, further convincing him that he does not want to be like them. Inevitably, however, he does turn green, and the upset Verdi tries desperately to fight it, only to face disastrous results. Will the older, wiser snakes be able to convince Verdi that turning green will be okay?

I was so excited to find this book in the picture book section of my smaller school! Because this school is for grades 4 & 5, my picture book collection there is only a fraction of the size of my larger, K – 5, school. Stellaluna, also by this author, is one of my favorite books to read with my kindergartners each year, so I was thrilled to find another book by this author.

Verdi is an entertaining character who just wants be himself. This story helps us remember that we can still change while still staying true to ourselves. Like Stellaluna, this book is full of beautiful illustrations that really capture the spirit of the determined python.

Now that I have three Janell Cannon books (Stellaluna, Pinduli, and Verdi), I think it’s time to expand my Stellaluna lesson to a Janell Cannon unit! I’m hoping to get my hands on a copy of Crickwing, also by Janell Cannon, to add to a potential unit on this author! Each of these books can be easily paired with a nonfiction resource, providing great opportunity for extension activities!


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