The Whisper

The Whisper
by Pamela Zagarenski

What does a reader do when she is handed a book with no words?  Use her imagination to create her own, beautiful story!  When a little girl’s teacher lets her borrow a mysterious book, she is enthralled by the wonderful pictures, but dismayed by the lack of words.  When a whisper in the wind tells her to use her imagination to create her own stories, she does so and, for each beautiful picture, imagines an amazing story.   The next day, while on the way to school, she encounters a curious fox (who is present throughout the book) who returns the missing words to her, having caught them as they had fallen out the previous day.   Those familiar with Aesop’s fables will recognize the fox by what he asks the little girl to help him with next before she hurries off to school!   

What a beautiful story that reminds us that the magic of books go beyond the words.  Often, it is the pictures that bring a story to life.   As I watched the little girl in this book pore over her book and create her own stories, I thought about my own growing readers at school. It is always such a joy to walk around the library as they are looking at the books they have just checked out, listening to them make up their own words as they study the pictures.   The pictures in this book are just beautiful and magical, full of characters and details just asking to have their story told.   


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