Sebastian and the Balloon

Sebastian and the Balloon
by Philip C. Stead

There’s nothing to see from Sebastian’s rooftop (which he wasn’t even supposed to be on), so he decides to leave to see something new.   After packing some very important items, including an umbrella, a pillow, and a rowboat, he and his friend the cardinal set off on an adventure in a hot air balloon made of patchwork quilts.   He makes some unusual friends along the way and, with some of his very important items, helps make repairs on a dilapidated roller coaster!  Where will the balloon lead him next?   

I’m a big fan of Philip Stead’s work so I, unsurprisingly, fell in love with this one!  I’m wondering if he’s a fan of balloons, as this is the second book I’ve read by him that involves one (the first being A Home for Bird, another favorite of mine).   I think that, with this book as well as A Home for Bird, a Philp Stead unit combined with some hot-air balloon activities will be a fun unit to do soon – perhaps an engineering activity where my students make their own (miniature) balloons.


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