Coming attractions: Pup and Bear

With the unexpected weather-related school cancellation yesterday, and now another snow day today, I’m relying on e-books and ARCs as my reading material while stranded at home today!   Had I known yesterday would be a day off (I honestly was expecting a delayed opening) I would have packed up plenty of books to keep me happy today. Thanks to Edelweiss Above the Treeline, I have plenty of ARCs to keep me well read today (and help me plan for upcoming purchases for my library).

Pup and Bear by Kate Banks and illustrated by Naoko Stoop.
Published by Schwartz & Wade,  this book is set to be released on October 3, 2017.  You can already pre-order your copy on Amazon (and I recommend you do!).

The polar bear was not his mother, but she taught him many things. When an arctic wolf pup floats away on a piece of ice, he is discovered by a polar bear. Despite his worries that the polar bear will eat him, he is instead cared for by the kind bear, who becomes a wonderful adoptive mother to him. Eventually, the young wolf grows to an adult and must leave to start his own pack. A sweet twist at the end has the adult wolf paying it forward when he finds himself being the adoptive parent of a young polar bear.

The story is only made better by Naoko Stoop’s beautiful, engaging illustrations of the Arctic tundra and its medley of wildlife. Using mostly winter colors of greys, whites, and pale blues, she does an outstanding job of bringing the story to life!

While fiction, this book will be excellent to supplement a unit about the Arctic tundra as it shows many animals who call that biome their home. It’s also a wonderful story that demonstrates kindness, giving back, and what makes a family.


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