Astro Bunnies

Astro Bunnies
by Christine Loomis
illustrated by Ora Eitan

Rhyming text takes the readers on a journey through the universe as curious Astro Bunnies blast off into outer space! While in space the bunnies work hard, measuring comets and gathering moondust, but also make new friends when another rocket of astro bunnies joins them. Of course, once their work is done, the adventurous bunnies return home!

This sweet story will be a great read aloud for any group, especially a young class that is learning about the solar system as it mentions comets, craters, and the Milky Way. Set against a dark background, Ora Eitan’s mixed media illustrations are engaging with details that seem to pop off the page at times! The inside book flap mentions that this story can be sung to the “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” melody, ideal for those who like to incorporate music into their story times. Despite my simply “okay” singing voice, I may consider turning this book into a singalong with some of my classes!


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