This Book is Out of Control!

This Book is Out of Control!
by Richard Byrne

The bright red cover of this book, with the title in bold white letters, shows an upside down bow holding a remote control with some unusual options on it(such as spin, squirt, escape). This alone is a sign that we are going to find some wild things inside this story!

Ben is eager to show Bella his new remote-controlled fire engine. Unfortunately, the remote-control does not seem to work. That is, not on the fire engine! What they don’t notice, at least at first, is that the remote is working: on Ben’s dog! The craziness continues as Ben and Bella are also affected by the remote, leading them to ask the reader to help by pressing certain buttons, making this a very interactive, and out of control, story! Will they ever get the remote to work correctly before things get even more out of control?

I loved how this story had some interactive parts! This will make for a fun read aloud, with several opportunities to involve the kids. I also liked how the story was told using primarily large red font, with a few speech bubbles as well. The illustrations are hilarious and eye-catching, with the characters and details large and engaging.

I also learned, after reading this book, that there are two companion books to this one: We’re in the Wrong Book! and This Book Just Ate My Dog!


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