Some Kind of Happiness

Some Kind of Happiness
by Claire Legrand

Forced to spend her summer with grandparents she has never met while her parents deal with their marital issues, eleven-year-old Finley finds solace in her beloved notebook. It is in that notebook she keeps numerous lists as well as stories about her beloved Everwood, a magical, imaginary place. Everwood comes to life, however, when she finds a large forest behind her grandparents’ home and realizes that this is the land she has been writing about. Imagination combines with reality as she and her cousins turn the forest into a real-life Everwood. As she continues to struggle with frequent bouts of sadness and anxiety, Finely realizes her newly discovered Everwood is also home to a past tragic event and a long-hidden family secret.

This story addresses so much: childhood depression, anxiety, family issues. Finley faces struggles that many her age unfortunately deal with and Claire Legrand addresses the topic of childhood depression in a very realistic, sensitive manner. Finley’s retreat into her magical world is her escape from reality but, as I got further into the story, it became evident that Finley was having a hard time separating the imaginary from reality as Everwood became more and more real to her. This is a beautiful story and one that I feel that many readers can find some sort of connection to.


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