Coming Attraction: The Big Adventures of Tiny House

Thank you to Edelweiss  for the digital ARC of this book!

The Big Adventures of Tiny House
by Susan Shaefer Bernardo
Illustrated by Courtenay Fletcher
Published by Inner Flower Child Books
Release date: April 25, 2017

A growing city surrounds a small yellow house, which is later converted into a tiny house on wheels. The cute tiny house travels the USA, toted around by Big Truck. Tiny is happy to see many places, although questions whether he is really a home after the imposing Missy Mansion scoffs that he’s not a home if he doesn’t stay in one place. After visiting New Orleans, the Grand Canyon, the Rockies and other amazing places, he ends up at the Tiny House Jamboree where he meets all sorts of unconventional houses. Tiny comes to learn that home can be anywhere and, as our author puts it well “home was a feeling, a smile on your face”.

This is such a great book that shows what makes a home as well as sends a message about reusing and recycling – rather than tearing down the house, its parts were remade into something new. Using bright, bold colors, Courtenay Fletcher’s sweet illustrations make the characters of houses and vehicles come to live by giving them facial features.

This book will make a great addition to a unit about homes! I would probably use this book, along with Chris Van Dusen’s If I Built a House, in a home-themed unit and would likely conclude it by giving my young readers materials to design and make their own models of unique homes.


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