How to Train a Train

How to Train a Train
by Jason Carter Eaton
illustrated by John Rocco

Are you in the market for a pet train? If so, this book will provide you with everything you need to know! First, you must choose the type of train you want: perhaps a monorail, or a freight train? Of course, there’s that tricky step of catching the train, but fortunately our helpful narrator is on hand to show the best way to catch a train. Once your new train is home, there’s the important steps of naming it, finding activities it enjoys, and training it before it’s ready to take you for a ride!

What a cute, silly book! Obviously fiction, but it does mention and show different types of trains (monorails, freight trains, etc.) and John Rocco’s full-page, boldly colored illustrations of numerous types of trains (occasionally doing unusual activities such as bathing and fishing) are outstanding! A great book for young train enthusiasts that will likely have them laughing.

Last year I did a transportation themed unit with my kindergarten classes and somehow this book slipped right by me! I’m thrilled I came across it, as it will definitely be added to my read alouds for this year’s unit. During this unit I typically do one fiction and one nonfiction book (great for compare and contrast) on each type of transportation. I also learned of a companion book – How to Track a Truck, which I may have to look into!


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