The Blobfish Book

The Blobfish Book
by Jessica Olien

The cover of this book shows a cartoonish pink blobfish excitedly tearing through the cover. While one may initially assume this is a fiction book, once inside it is clear from the photographs of various deep sea creatures that there is much more to this book than our boisterous (and slightly impatient) pink friend.

This nonfiction book is an excellent introduction to deep sea animals for younger readers. Large, nearly page-sized photographs of intriguing animals such as anglerfish and viperfish are paired with brief, yet informative, explanations of what these creatures are. The appearance of the comical blobfish, with his speech-bubble dialogue, adds humor to this engaging book. The final page includes recommended websites to learn more about the different deep sea animals shown.

The Blobfish Book is a great choice for young , growing readers interested in deep sea creatures.  Additionally, the smaller amount of text on each page will make this book a great read aloud.   I can see using this book as a mentor text to lead into a sea animal research project.




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