The Cat From Hunger Mountain

The Cat From Hunger Mountain
by Ed Young

Lord Cat had everything imaginable in his home on Hunger Mountain: the tallest pagoda to live in, the finest clothes to wear, and the most extravagant food.  Most importantly to this story, Hunger Mountain has delicious rice to harvest and, sadly, much of this rice is wasted as it is washed down the Great River.  When a drought and subsequent famine forces his workers to leave, Lord Cat is left without anyone to serve him.  When the hungry cat wanders down the mountain to beg for food, he is led to a kind monk who feeds him a meal of the same rice Lord Cat wasted for years, teaching the greedy feline a valuable lesson.

I love this book for so many reasons.  First, the important lesson learned.  We try to teach our young readers not to be wasteful and use only what is needed.  We also try to teach them the importance of being generous and helping those in need.  The Cat From Hunger Mountain teaches us not to take what we have for granted and how to be kind to others in need.   A wonderful lesson for readers of all ages.

Ed Young’s impressive collage illustrations are outstanding!   I have always been amazed at the ability to use collage to create such beautiful pictures.  The pictures incorporate such an engaging variety of color, pattern, and texture.   I found myself going back and admiring the illustrations over and over again!


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