The Scallywags

The Scallywags
by David Melling

The rowdy Scallywags have worn out their welcome! When the poor-mannered family of wolves go too far with their wild behavior, the other animals decide they have had enough of their antics and stop inviting them to parties and other events. Soon, the wolves realize that they miss their old friends and decide to learn proper behavior so that they are welcome again. After hard work and a lot of practice, they rejoin their old friends. Not recognizing the Scallywags, their former acquaintances welcome the now good mannered, well-dressed family. However, the reformed Scallywags are a bit too uptight and bossy for the other animals, who begin to realize how much they miss the rowdy pack of wolves after all!

The Scallywags is a cute, funny book that teaches a good lesson about accepting who you are! The Scallywags tried to change, but in the end everyone realized that they were much happier with the genuine, fun-loving Scallywags.

This entertaining story is paired up with humorous, cartoonish illustrations of a variety of animal characters doing human-like activities (living in homes, eating at tables, etc). Overall, a fun tale that will keep many readers engaged and laughing.


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