Coming Attraction: The Thing Lou Couldn’t Do

The Thing Lou Couldn’t Do
by Ashley Spires
Published by: Kids Can Press Ltd.
Release date: May 2, 2017

Lou’s an adventurer who loves many things. She’ll probably grow up to be a race-car driver or deep-sea driver, but right now she has a bigger challenge: climbing a tree with her friends. Climbing a tree is something Lou cannot do, and she’s reluctant to join her friends as they excitedly, and easily, maneuver up the large tree. Rather than try, Lou avoids the situation using multiple excuses. She even imagines alternate methods of getting into the tree, including a helicopter. Eventually, she lets go of her apprehension and gives the daunting task a try. Will she succeed?

This story, by the author of the awesome book The Most Magnificent Thing, is a wonderful tale that addresses the issue of facing a challenge for the first time.  We all have things we can do, but often it’s those things that we can’t do that we tend to fixate on and allow to hold us back.   Taking that first step of trying something for the first time, especially if we may not be successful in our first attempt, can be overwhelming to anyone at any age!  Many readers will be able to relate to Lou’s dilemma.  This book will be a great book to talk about fears, courage, and determination!


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