Minnie’s Diner

Minnie’s Diner
by Dayle Ann Dodds, illustrated by John Manders

Occasionally, a teacher will come in asking me for math-related books. When a saw “a multiplying menu” under the title on the cover of Minnie’s Diner, I wondered if this would be a good book for teachers who are introducing multiplication to their students, or possibly one that I could use as a read aloud to a class beginning to learn about multiplication.

The bright cover shows a waitress (the Minnie mentioned in the title) hoisting high in the air a large tray covered with an assortment of food – pies, sandwiches, salads, and soup. The title page shows a traditional looking diner, with two old-fashioned pickup trucks parked outside, with a farm in the distance. It’s presumably on this farm that our story begins, when we meet the hefty Papa McFay and his five sons who, one by one, are lured down the road by the enticing aroma coming from Minnie’s Diner! Each brother is twice as big as the one that arrived before him, causing him to odor double what the previous brother ate – hence the multiplication piece of this fun rhyming tale.

This whimsical book would make a fun read aloud to a group who has recently learned to multiply by twos. The illustrations are well-done and very entertaining, particularly the growing look of apprehension in Minnie’s eyes as the number of items on her tray grow larger and larger! Poor Minnie is exhausted at the end of the day when she puts her closed sign in the window!


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