Save Me a Seat

Save Me a Seat
by Sarah Weeks

Meet Ravi: A new student from India trying to get through his first week at his new school in the United States. He is confident at first, but soon realizes fitting in will be a lot harder than he thought.
Meet Joe: Joe is not new but, like Ravi, he doesn’t fit in, especially now that his only friends have moved away.
Joe and Ravi may have little in common but they do share at least one thing: a bully who is determined to make their lives miserable.
Spanning over the course of one week, Save Me a Seat tells the emotional stories of two boys struggling to fit in and overcome challenges at school. Joe and Ravi are characters that many readers will be able to relate to, their struggles are ones that brought back school-related memories to me as I read this book.   I’m a huge fan of realistic fiction set in schools and this one will be a book I highly recommend to many of my readers.


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