How the Dinosaur Got to the Museum

How the Dinosaur Got to the Museum
by Jessie Hartland

How does a dinosaur get to a museum? After reading this book, I learned that it is a process that involves numerous steps as well as many different people. Beginning with the dinosaur hunter, who first locates a large bone of what he thinks may be a Diplodocus , and concluding with with the director of the Smithsonian Museum where the dinosaur eventually is brought for display, this book takes readers through the many steps and people involved in bringing a dinosaur to the museum. Each page adds a new step and new person, eventually creating a lengthy list of how many people are involved in the process!

This is a great book for dinosaur fans, especially those who may express an interest in a future career in the dinosaur field. This will help them see the numerous related career options to explore. As someone who knows very little about dinosaurs, yet who has several students who could probably teach me quite a bit about the subject, this book was very helpful to me in seeing the steps involved in getting a dinosaur to a museum. The text is accompanied by bright, full-paged illustrations detailing each step in the process of finding, transporting, and displaying a dinosaur skeleton. There are also companion books, How the Sphinx Got to the Museum and How the Meteorite Got to the Museum, which I do not own in my libraries but may consider getting now that I’ve read this book.


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