One Day On Our Blue Planet…in the Antarctic

One Day On Our Blue Planet…in the Antarctic
by Ella Bailey

A young Adelie penguin is ready to go off on her own! After one last meal from mom, she ventures into the water in search of food, swimming into a world filled with all sorts of giant creatures. While she finds plenty of good things to eat, she also must beware of hungry leopard seals and others who want to eat her! Our young penguin concludes her adventurous days with a well needed rest on floating ice.

A simple, yet sweet, introduction to the daily life of an Adelie penguin living in the Antarctic. While the story focused on the penguin, the readers will see many other Antarctic animals throughout the story. The front and back inside covers show and name the various above-the-ice and under-the-ice Antarctic creatures the young penguin encounters throughout the book. The full-paged illustrations, several set against the backdrop of a deep turquoise ocean, are fun and adorable, full of many engaging details for readers to pick out. This book will serve well as an introduction into Antarctic animals for young readers. There is also at least one companion book in the series, One Day On Our Blue Planet…in the Savannah, which I plan to add to my to-read list. I have several younger grade levels who study biomes (including the animals that live in those biomes) so these books will be nice read-alouds to go along with those units.


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