Dig In!

Dig In!
by Cindy Jenson-Elliott, illustrated by Mary Peterson

With the warmer weather moving in and gardening season approaching, I was drawn to this book when I saw the cover illustration of a barefoot child in front of a large patch of fresh dirt, a watering pail by her side. One of my two schools has a large garden, where students can participate in gardening lessons, so I’ve been getting ready for a garden themed display!

The simple text, told in bold white font set against the brown of the fresh dirt, includes the repetitive phrase “I dig in the dirt.” As she digs, our narrator discovers numerous objects, including a worm, a rock, and seeds, before planting a sprout in the dirt.

Full page illustrations, full of bright colors against the brown dirt, show the variety of creatures discovered living in the dirt as well as the hands of the young gardener as she explores the wonders of the garden. The simple text, with a lot of repetition, makes this book a nice choice for young readers as well as a great read aloud to a young group during garden themed lesson.


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