Little Dog, Lost

Little Dog, Lost
by Marion Dane Bauer

What drew me to this book was the cover illustration. A sad, confused looking dog stands in a park. Just the site of that lost, cute dog pulled at my heart. Despite suspecting this would be a book that would make me cry (and it did) I opened it to read and am glad I did!

Buddy, a sweet dog, is confused when her beloved little boy and his family leave her at a new home with an owner who just doesn’t know very much about taking care of a dog. Desperate for her old family, the cute canine digs her way out of her new yard and roams around the town in search of a friendly face. Around the same time Mark, a boy being raised by his single mother, desperately wants a dog yet is unable to convince his mother to agree. Mr. LaRue, an elderly man living alone in an old mansion, struggles with the loneliness and isolation of his life. These three characters become connected to each other, and subsequently help each other, in a very extraordinary way.

Such a sweet book that brought tears to my eyes many times! Told in verse, author Marion Dane Bauer does an excellent job of bringing the reader into the minds of the characters. I could feel the confusion and sadness that Buddy felt as she struggled to understand what was happening to her as well Mark’s frustration as he tried to convince his unyielding mother that he needed a dog. I could relate to the isolation that Mr. LaRue felt as he watched the world around him in silence. Little Dog, Lost is an amazing story that will likely bring about emotions in many readers.


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