Little Cat’s Luck

Little Cat’s Luck
by Marion Bauer
illustrated by Jennifer A. Bell

After falling in love with Little Dog, Lost last weekend, I was excited to see that the author had published a companion book last year! I was even more excited when I realized that the companion book, Little Cat’s Luck, is on my state’s student book award reading list for this upcoming school year.

The cover of this cute tale which, like Little Dog Lost, is told in verse, shows a calico cat looking curiously at a floating yellow leaf on an autumn day. Her expression is one of sweet content.

In this tale we meet Patches, an indoor cat who, while looking for a quiet place to rest, becomes distracted by a floating leaf outside the window. In her attempt to catch the leaf, she tumbles through the screen. Fixated on the leaf, the cat seems undaunted by the unfamiliar outdoors. In her journey she meets Gus, also known as the meanest dog in town, who is forced to live outside due to his odor and rambunctious nature. Unlike everyone else, Patches shows no fear towards the loud barking dog before continuing to search for the perfect place to rest.  The wandering cat also encounters a young mouse and a friendly, helpful red squirrel. An exciting twist in the story connects these very different characters as they all work together to help Patches as she deals with an unexpected event.

As with Little Dog, Lost, Marion Bauer has created a sweet, emotional story! Patches is an innocent, yet feisty when necessary, character that readers will fall in love with. Gus, labeled by other characters as a loud, mean dog, soon emerges as a misunderstood dog who, when given the opportunity, shows a great deal of love. This is an excellent companion book to Little Dog, Lost and one that I know many readers who enjoy stories about pets will love!


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