by Gordon Korman

Gaming is Cameron Boxer’s life. Unfortunately, after his video game obsession nearly causes a kitchen fire, his parents issue an ultimatum: find an extra social activity or lose his game system forever. Having no interest in anything other than video games, Cam comes up with the perfect plan: start a fake school club so that his parents will believe he’s doing something besides gaming. He even has his friend Pavel hack into the school website and create a fake webpage for the club, thinking that no one will notice it. However, someone does notice and Cam’s made-up club, the Positive Action Group (P.A.G.) soon becomes the most popular club in school! Suddenly the club that Cam made up to avoid other activities has now consumed his life.

I became a huge Gordon Korman fan after reading his Masterminds series this past year with a student book group. He has an amazing style that just draws me in to the point where I am unable to put the book down. One feature of this book that I appreciated was that he alternated narrators between chapters, giving the reader an opportunity to truly get to know the different characters. I found this book very entertaining, with many humorous moments. There are a variety realistic characters that readers will be able to relate to. Overall great choice for upper elementary and middle school readers!


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